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Let's talk genetics.

We know that genes/DNA is what determines our eye color, hair color, our shape, etc. We also know that there are certain genetic tendencies such as blood sugar imbalances, cancer, etc. But what about this mysterious MTHFR gene? This is a genetic mutation that has been getting more noticed in recent years.

While the studies are still ongoing, the basic belief is that people with this specific genetic component have a harder time uptaking certain vitamins and minerals.

Some of the most common symtpoms of a MTHFR gene mutation include:

✴️ Cardiovascular disease

✴️ Depression

✴️ Anxiety

✴️ Bipolar Disorder

✴️ Colon Cancer

✴️ Leukemia

✴️ Chronic Pain & Fatigue

✴️ Migraines

✴️ Nerve Pain

✴️ Schizophrenia

✴️ Recurring miscarriages

These are just some of the potential symptoms of MTHFR mutation. You can get blood tests to confirm if you have this gene type. What to do if you DO have the mutation?

🔯 Quit Smoking

🔯 Exercise

🔯 Eat balanced nutritional foods

🔯 take supplements that are methylated

Not sure where to start? We can help!


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