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From Forbes to Indeed; to Corporate Finance Institute - the verdict is in. Offering wellness programs to employees helps them manage their individual health while also encouraging longevity, loyalty, increased productivity and profitability. In these times of more jobs than there are people, providing wellness solutions on the clock can help set you apart from your competition and allow you to attract and retain high quality employees.

Audience and Lecturer

In Person Education

Our team can customize workshops, lunch and learn sessions and seminars to address wellness topics ranging from pain mainagment to stress management; nutrition to weight concerns and so much more. 

Online Education

All of our educational programs can be scheduled live or pre-recorded for online access to off-site employees. Each module will address a specific topic, how to identify the concern, the symptoms, remedies and expected outcomes. 

Online Meeting
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On Site Services

We are mobile! We can bring our team of therapists to your location. Assessments, massage, reflexology, meditation, ASMR sessions - our menu of on site services is comprehensive.

Off Site Services

Send your team to us! Employees can schedule services at our Waterford location for more privacy and less time constraints. We can facilitate employee appreciation packages or one-on-one services. Priority scheduling is included in all of our wellness packages.

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