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My job is simple: I use my education in science, health, and naturopathic medicine to help you live your best life.  Below is a brief overview of the different services my team and I offer.

First Time Consultation:

Not sure where to start? How about here?


Schedule a full assessment with Harmony Healing and take the first step on your journey to better health. During the full assessment, we'll review your medical history, major goals, current complaints, medication, dietary consumption, sleep, movement and elimination to create a workable, sustainable and maintainable plan. You'll leave the assessment with an understanding of what's needed to start improving your health and well-being.

120 minute appointment, $149


5 needles are placed in the ears to promote calmness, relaxation; alleviate pain and hypertension; reduce anxiety, depression, anger and insomnia; reduce cravings for alcohol, drugs and nicotine; enable better connection with yourself and your support system. 

30-45 minute appointment, $30

ASMR- Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response:

Experience a completely new level of relaxation with our ASMR - Brain Tingles session. Using a variety of trigger tools like whispers, crinkling sounds, soft fabric touching, concentration encouraging, hair brushing, back scratching, make-up brushes on the face, tuning forks, and more, this session will help to reduce stress, restore energy, and help you achieve a deep sense of relaxation.  

90 minute appointment, $99


Enjoy the pain reducing power of the AVACEN Machine at Harmony Healing. Our FDA-cleared machine delivers non-invasive heat therapy to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, relax muscles, induce deeper sleep, detox the body, and boost the immune system. Book your appointment today to start your journey to wellness.

$1-2 per minute


Experience the healing power of color with Harmony Healing's Chromotherapy session. Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a non-invasive therapy that uses the power of colors to improve health and well-being. During your session, you will relax on a massage table in a comfortable room, while the colored light is directed at the area indicated by your complaint. Allow yourself to be immersed in the therapeutic power of color and discover a better balance of body and mind.

20 minute appointment, $20

Emotion Clearing With Forks & Oils:

Schedule a session with Harmony Healing and experience the power of emotion clearing with oils and forks. Science has discovered that emotions are found embedded into our DNA and are passed from generation to generation, just like certain eye colors or other genetic factors. I will help you identify and release these ‘stuck’ emotions, such as failure, rejection, guilt, abandonment, fear and loneliness, that can be holding you back and preventing you from reaching your full potential. Together we will unlock the power of your emotional wellbeing, allowing you to reconnect to the joy of life.

1 hr appointment, $84

Foot Detoxology:

This service includes a 30 minute Ionic Detoxing Foot Bath followed by 45 minutes of foot reflexology 

75 minute appointment, $90

Glow Up:

Schedule a Glow Up session with Harmony Healing to treat yourself to a holistic therapy experience. During this session, you will lay on a massage table or zero gravity chair while we use flower essences, essential oils, sound therapy, color therapy and affirmations to have a hands off assist with healing. This is an excellent opportunity to take the time to relax and take care of yourself.

30 minute appointment, $30


Utilize the power of hypnosis with Harmony Healing. Hypnosis is the art of engaging your subconscious mind in the healing process. We offer hypnosis sessions that can help with weight reduction, smoking cessation, habit breaking, confidence improving, stress management and even past life regression.

Our non-invasive sessions last between 45 to 75 minutes and provide a safe and secure environment to explore powerful healing techniques. Let us help you find the harmony you’ve been looking for.

45 minute appointment, $84

Ionic Foot Bath:

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a half hour service which includes feet soaking in a combination of water and salt with an array adding an electrical element. The purpose of this is to help the body let go of toxins. About 10% of toxins are removed from the body during this process, and the water changes color based on the area of the body that requires the most support at that time.

When the time is up on the foot bath, we review the color of the water and some quick ways to support whatever system(s) indicated the need for some TLC in the water.

30 minute session, $36


Iridology is the study of health through the iris "colored part of the eye" as well as the pigmentation, structure, pupil border and how they relate to each of the body systems. Iridology is a science and an art of understanding the Iris. The Iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy.


We will take a close examination of your iris to reveal levels of health, inflammation, toxicity and degeneration of your body. It is a painless, economical, yet accurate means of assessing the body for early detection of health imbalances for preventive healthcare.

1 hr appointment, $84


Unwind and relax with Harmony Healing's 60 minute massage. Our massage helps reduce stress, balance energies, promote sleep, improve immune response, increase self-confidence, and relieve sore and tight muscles. Our massage promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and helps to reduce muscle tension. Let us help you on your journey to health, wellness, and relaxation.

1 hr appointment, $75, 90-minute, $90

Mineral Foot Bath:

Treat yourself to a half hour of pure bliss with our Mineral Foot Bath. The minerals we use help to fortify your body as well as promote better foot health.

30 minute session, $27

Raindrop Therapy:

Engage the power of aromatherapy with Harmony Healing's Raindrop Therapy. This holistic therapy combines a variety of essential oils applied topically to specific areas of the body to help boost the immune response, relax muscles, reduce asthma symptoms, and increase energy - just to name a few. To complete the session, a hot, wet towel is added to help you 'marinate' in the aromas. Let us help you find the balance and harmony you've been looking for.

1 hr appointment, $84


Experience the healing power of Reflexology with Harmony Healing. Our therapists use the ancient technique of applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and/or ears, to discover and clear any imbalances in the body. Reflexology can help decrease stress, reduce pain, and improve circulation and overall wellness. Get ready to experience a renewed sense of balance and health.

1 hr appointment, $84


Enjoy the calming effects of Reiki and Light Healing Touch. Reiki and Light Healing Touch are similar in that they are based on energy. Our bodies have energy, down to the individual cells, which carry Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Each of these carries a charge: positive, neutral and negative. During a session, our experienced practitioners will work to restore balance in the body’s energy flow, providing a sense of relaxation and peace. Come experience the healing power of Reiki and Light Healing Touch.

1 hr appointment, $84

Touch Therapy:

Get the therapeutic benefits of human touch with Harmony Healing's Touch Therapy. It is well known that humans can die from lack of touch, and non-sexual intimacy is a vital part of a healthy program. During the session, you will receive hugs, cuddles, and arm rubs that will encourages feelings of safety, and security, all while slowing your heartbeat, reducing your blood pressure and stress, and regulating your sleep and digestion. Wear comfy clothes and get ready to experience the amazing power of platonic touch.

1 hr appointment, $84

Vibrational Raindrop Therapy:

Experience the power of vibrational healing with Harmony Healing's Vibrational Raindrop Therapy. Combining the healing property of essential oils with the energetic frequency of tuning forks, this session is designed to bring balance and alignment to your mind, body, and spirit. Benefits include structural alignment, energetic alignment, muscle relaxation, immune boosting, and sleep promotion. Schedule your session today and start your journey to holistic wellness.

1 hr appointment, $90

Whole Body Tune-Up:

Allow yourself to be nurtured with Harmony Healing's Whole Body Tune Up. Using tuning forks, color and scent therapy, this service works to promote balance in your body. These sound, color and scent frequencies have healing properties, allowing you to relax and restore your body. Perfect for anyone looking for a whole body healing experience, the practitioner will work in the energy fields to bring you homeostasis. You'll be sure to leave feeling refreshed and balanced.

1 hr appointment, $84

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