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My job is simple: I use my education in science, health, and naturopathic medicine to help you live your best life.  Below is a brief overview of the different services I offer.

First Time Consultation:

Muscle response testing, health and strength evaluations are part of this consultation. Muscle response testing is the science of tuning into the body’s own electrical system for answers. Our body cannot lie – our mouths can though.


This appointment can focus on a variety of options: nutritional items like vitamins/minerals; checking the organs and organ systems; specific supplements/options; amino acid checking; checking the vitality of life stressors or any number of other items.


Muscle response testing can be a stand alone appointment or included in the First Time/Full Health Evaluation appointment or follow ups.

90 minute appointment $99



Craniosacral work involves a light touch of the body focusing on the area of the spine from the Cranium (skull) to the sacrum (sit bones). This therapy is complementary to both massage and chiropractic, while not being either.


Benefits: improved fertility reduction of headaches/migraines better assimilation of nutrients and more

1 hr appointment, $84


Reiki and Light Healing Touch are similar to each other and are based on energy. We know our bodies have energy, down to the individual cells which carry Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. These each carry a charge: positive, neutral and negative. We also know that when the human body suffers a heart attack, and the heart stops pumping, the medical community apply a charge to the body to ‘shock’ the heart back into working.


Reiki literally means: life force energy. Science has now discovered more than 20 electrical fields around the human body. During an energy work session, I act as the electrician of the body. I utilize hands on and hands off techniques to determine if the energy is ‘stuck’ or ‘jammed’ in any area, and why that may be.

Benefits: We can assess the mental/emotional body right along with the physical body Promotion of relaxation Encourages balance Dis-ease comes about when there is a mis-alignment in the body Sessions available in 60 or 90 minute increments.

1 hr appointment, $84




Reflexology involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet, hands, and ears. It’s based on a theory that these body parts are connected to certain organs and body systems. People who practice this technique are called reflexologists.


Reflexologists believe that applying pressure to these parts offers a range of health benefits.

1 hr appointment, $84


Iridology is the study of health through the iris "colored part of the eye" as well as the pigmentation, structure, pupil border and how they relate to each of the body systems. Iridology is a science and an art of understanding the Iris. The Iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy.


We will take a close examination of your iris to reveal levels of health, inflammation, toxicity and degeneration of your body. It is a painless, economical, yet accurate means of assessing the body for early detection of health imbalances for preventive healthcare.

1 hr appointment, $84




Hypnosis is the art of engaging your subconscious mind in the healing process. More common results of hypnosis include weight reduction, smoking cessation and stress management. Past life regression is also an option during a hypnosis session.


This is a non-invasive way to improve health. Sessions last between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on the topic and subject. Pricing is per session or package purchased.

45 minute appointment, $84

Ionic Foot Bath

The Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a half hour service which includes feet soaking in a combination of water and salt with an array adding an electrical element. The purpose of this is to help the body let go of toxins. About 10% of toxins are removed from the body during this process, and the water changes color based on the area of the body that requires the most support at that time.


When the time is up on the foot bath, we review the color of the water and some quick ways to support whatever system(s) indicated the need for some TLC in the water.


The entire appointment is about 35 minutes, to allow for time to review, set up and discuss.

30 minute session, $36

Mineral Foot Bath

Treat yourself to a half hour of pure bliss with our Mineral Foot Bath. The minerals we use help to fortify your body as well as promote better foot health.

30 minute session, $27


Ear Candling

Ear candling involves the use of specialized candles that are inserted into the ears (one at a time) and then burned. The suction created by the flame encourages wax and debris that is lodged into the ear to exit via the candle. Improvements in hearing and balance have been experienced after a session. A session normally takes 20-35 minutes.

30 minute appointment, $27

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