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Harmony Healing Philosophy:

Being healthy

shouldn't be

cost prohibitive.


Continual learning and growth in the field of natural healing to bring to our clients, colleagues, customers and community. The primary goal is to provide a health partner, a coach of sorts.


Philosophy: Being healthy shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. It is our belief that while Modern Medicine is a necessary component to a long, healthy life, many chronic concerns and even a host of acute problems can best be suited via natural remedies.


We are here to work with the entire human being: body, mind and spirit. As nature’s healers, we focus on finding the root cause of problems and guiding our clients and customers through solutions that work for them in their lifestyle, budget and tastes.


As every person is different, as are there many paths to healing.

Code of Ethics

It is our commitment to our community, clients, customers and colleagues that we will be responsible and respectful of private information. We will not share information commonly held as protected in the medical industry without consent of our clients and then only in the reason of collaborating with our colleagues on a plan of action. We strive to do our best to provide remedies, recommendations and information in an easy to understand format. We understand that healing is not a result of an overnight overhaul and we will treat every situation and concern with respect, patience and thoughtfulness.

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