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Fall into Health

I don't know about you but I LOVE fall! The crispness in the air, the leaves turning colors. Bonfires, s'mores, hoodies, apples and spooky season. Fall is the time when we go within. Time to harvest in preparation for the winter months not too far off in the distance.

Fall is a great time to do a deep detox - cleansing the spoils of summer, readying ourselves for hearty fall foods. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes fall is related to the lungs and large intestine. These organs are associated with grief and sadness.

Supporting these organs is imperative to promoting better health. Our top choices for detoxing and supporting the lungs and large intestine are:

  1. Essential Oils - Eucalyptus, cedarwood, frankincense, sandalwood, bergamot, clary sage are all great for the lungs and grieving process. Peppermint, fennel, lemongrass, ginger, patchouli, grapefruit and sage all support a healthy digestive tract.

  2. Deep breathing - studies show that we aren't taking deep enough breaths, which can actually cause brain damage. Practice taking nice, slow and deep breaths throughout the day.

  3. Intentional, controlled coughing - getting the gunk out of the lungs is beneficial.

  4. Steam helps open the lungs - try a sauna or hot shower. Add a little extra punch by using eucalyptus plant or oil in the shower.

  5. Tapping the chest -go all donkey kong and give your chest / breastbone a firm thunk to help boost healing.

  6. Bone broth - studies show that so much of our health is related to the gut biome and bone broth helps support a healthy gut and digestive tract.

  7. Probiotics - LIVE probiotics help boost the gut health also - ask us our favorites.

  8. Eat in season - now is the time to eat more root veggies, squash, soups and heartier meals.

  9. Cleanse your home - with sage, palo santo or even air purifying plants!

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In health and wellness,

Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist

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