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Are you stuck in Fight/Flight Mode?

As humans, when we're presented with a stressor (a bear jumping at us, a car accident, a pandemic, our boss needing something ASAP, etc.) the body instinctively goes into fight/flight (and sometimes freeze). When this happens, our tailbone tucks very imperceptively - it would be great if it tucked so much that we walked pelvis forward, as we'd then KNOW we were entering Fight/Flight mode. The tailbone tucking sends a signal to the adrenal glands to release our stress hormone adrenaline.

Once this has been released, our body is ready to fight for our lives or fight whatever threat is presesented. Our subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between a bear looking at us as a snack and our boss yelling at us. Often, we get 'stuck' in this mode as we're bombarded with stress over and over.

Once we get stuck in Fight/flight mode, we see our digestive abilities slow down, our sleep is often disrupted and our sexual desire may decrease. The body is focused on survival only - no need to worry about digesting food, sleep or making babies. #priorities For people with chronic stress, we see this permeate every area of their lives. They get crankier, are not well rested and their health declines.

Craniosacral work is one of the tools we can use to help bring the body back into balance. While Chiropractic works on the bones, and massage on the tissue, Craniosacral works with the fluid of the body. After the war, Doctor of Osteopathy, Andrew Sill, believed that the body has an amzing ability to heal, especially if we removed 'restrictions'. This was the beginning of what was to become Craniosacral work.

His work was continued by Dr. Sutherland who focused more on the releasing restrictions in the cranium (skull). Craniosacral work has it's roots in Ostopathy, where the structure of the human being is considered an important tool in overall health. Dr. Upledger found this 'wave' of fluid when assisting a surgery and coined the term 'craniosacral therapy' - working with the skull / tailbone. Dr. Upledger realized the body has a rhythm that is not connected to our respiration or our heartbeath. He called this rhythm the 'breath of life'.

Craniosacral work is a very gentle therapy where clients stay fully clothed while the practitioner works on removing any blocked areas around the skull, spine and tailbone. Clients often find they sleep better, have less pain, uptake nutrients better, have reduced neuropathy and so much more. This is a great non-invasive and non-toxic remedy to assist the body in the pursuit of health.

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In Health, Gloria Jensenius & The Wellness Team

Natural Scientist

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