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It is my mission to help you live your life intuitively, so you can have freedom, balance and feel vibrant and healthy once again!



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Transform Your Wellness
with Denise Petree

Hello I'm Denise Petree!

I believe health is holistic, mind, body and spirit. Often in our middle age, we are still raising families, taking care of aging parents, working and have over-committed schedules. Society talks about self-care. What does that even mean?!

As women , we choose to put ourselves last and that impacts our health, mind, body and soul. I am here to help you get back to the basics of life. Helping you get back in touch with living your life intuitively, so you can live a life of freedom, balance and feel vibrant and healthy once again.

I am a mom to seven children. I have three adult children, 1 teenager, 1 tween and 7 year old twins. I don’t have to tell you what a balancing act that is! I left Corporate America a few years ago to help my dad run a cemetery. Working at a cemetery has

taught me many lessons in life. Our life and quality of our life does matter!

As women we impact so many lives. What if you decided to take care of yourself the way you take care of everyone else? What would you do, if you allowed yourself the luxury of being healthy in every aspect of your life?

It is my life’s work and passion to help women get back in touch with their dreams, their body, and their spirituality. To deal with midlife complexities of

hormones, burnout, stress, anxiety and difficult relationships in a holistic and simple straightforward method.If you are struggling with any of these issues,


I am here to help you am excited to meet and work with you to help you create the wellness in your life

that you desire.

Talk to you soon,

Denise Petree


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