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Health is not a 'one and done' circumstance. It's an ongoing endeavor that requires patience, support, work and compassion.



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My Story

My original training as a Natural Scientist (Biology, Chemistry), coupled with my more recent studies of Naturopathy have taught me that there are so many paths healing can take. It is not my job to tell you what to do. It is my job to educate you on your body and your choices.

It is my belief that all things can be improved via natural remedies and solutions. With no exception. Nature was the first medicine and has been proven effective for thousands of years. Current science is even catching up to the wonders of nature. In my practice, I use the traditional methods of ancient cultures combined with modern methods to assess the body for imbalances or weak areas. Some of the tools in my toolbox are: face, tongue, eye, ear, skin or nail analysis; medical/health history questionnaires; urinalysis; reflexology; conversations, etc.

A first time consultation with me typically lasts about 90 minutes, unlike the average 12 minute visit with a physician. During this consultation, we will discuss your current complaints, what your medical doctors have told you, any and all medications and supplements you are taking, your current diet, exercise, beverage consumption, etc. Taking that information, along with any other information gleaned in the session via my toolbox, we create a program that works best for you. This could include any of the following: nutritional choices, herbal remedies, flower essences, meditation, prayer, homeopathics, and more.

It is my job as a partner in health to create a program that fits your needs and resources. You must be able to make the changes to see results. After a first time consultation, I typically schedule a follow up review for about 45 days later. This provides time for the changes to be implemented. During that time, we may touch base several times to answer questions or tweak things that may not be working. I am available to my clients often.

Health is not a ‘one and done’ circumstance. It is an ongoing endeavor that requires patience, support, work and compassion. Healing is also never-ending. Which is quite reassuring, if you think of it. Your body will work with you – you just have to provide the tools it needs.

I hope to see you soon!

In health and compassion,

Gloria Jensenius