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The Technology Behind the Benefits


The H2O Enhancer Chip was scientifically designed to support the body’s ability to hydrate more effectively and improve the taste of water. The product elevates the quality of your water for a 30-day period once placed on any water container, up to (1) gallon in capacity. The H20 Enhancer Chip is electronically programmed to enhance the bonding structure of water molecules which, in turn, provides better hydration.


The chip itself is a 1-inch round disk protected by a flexible, clear plastic dome set on top of the device. The disk comes with a strong adhesive backing that allows flexible placement. One package contains (3 disks) in a clear 5” x 5” resealable polypropylene envelope with instructions included for proper handling and direction on use. In short, one order offers 3 months’ worth of use.


A Safe Solution for All

As a company, AB Centric, R&D strives to help people achieve greater health safely, without the drawbacks of chemicals or drugs. The H2O Enhancer Chip was specifically designed to fulfill that manifesto. Rather than drink more water, many turn to stimulants like caffeine and sugar to artificially boost their energy, quickly leading to a dependency on artificial energy. The H2O Enhancer Chip, a small device that will have a big impact on your health.

This makes it all the more urgent for all of us to not only hydrate, but hydrate effectively.

H2O Enhancer Chip

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