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This patch is designed to support a normal, healthy immune response by addressing bacterial issues.


Application: Consider using when experiencing: Staph, Strep, MRSA, rashes on back and arms, irritability, swollen lymph nodes, weakened immune system, serious skin and soft tissue infections. Bacteria develop resistance to drugs because they acquire genes from other bacteria that have become resistant or because their genes mutate. For example, soon after the drug penicillin was introduced in the mid-1940s, a few individual Staphylococcus aureus bacteria acquired genes that made penicillin ineffective against them.


Use in conjunction with: Bio Energy Patches that can be used to boost effectiveness and in conjunction with BAC Patches are: Bio Defense, Cleanse, D-Tox, Enviro3, Healing XL, Allergies, GSH-Scar Tissue, Stress/Anxiety, Sleep Ease, VIR and Pain & Inflammation.


Tips: Bacterial infections may be marked by localized redness, inflammation, pain or swelling. Bacterial infections may be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with a reservoir of infectious bacteria.

BAC (Bacteria)

  • Bioenergy patches are worn on the upper left shoulder or anywhere on the left side for energy enhancement, being a non-drug, no chemical alternative just a “frequency patch” programmed with the frequencies of nature to help the body energize itself. The patches are made from a specialized Biofeedback material designed for NASA to inner line the space suits. Made of a poly/vinyl blend embedded with metallized fragments, which was designed to hold and transfer RF (frequency), AB Centric Engineers built a device (AFG) to program the material with beneficial frequencies to interact with the Central Nervous System for beneficial results to the human body. The CNS uses the digital information it recognizes and ignores the rest, eliminating any possible side effect or overdose. The adhesive is FDA approved for human skin and is hypoallergenic and waterproof, making this 3 day bioenergy patch a wonderful choice for effortless lifestyle enhancement appropriate and safe for all ages.

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