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Your mind plays an important function in your ability to perform at your peak. The A.M.F. patch is a new technology that uses energy to enhance your Mental Focus. No matter what sport your involved with the A.M.F. patch will help you focus your attention to achieve a new personal level of greatness! This patch rapidly enhances your mental focus, relaxes your mind and body, and gives you a massive edge in your sports! This patch works well with a team sport scenario.


Use in conjunction with: This patch have been tested extensively and proven by the many that have experienced them to promote clear thinking and increase your focus. The patch that can used in conjunction with and boost the effectiveness of: Sinus, Stress Freeze, Allergies, Enviro3, Wellbeing.


Tips: Place the Athletic Mental Focus App on the upper left side of the body. Energy travels to the left of your body far better than the right side.

Athletic Mental Focus

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