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Wellness Packed Backpack

Aaaah, summer is coming to a close for many as schools welcome students back. To keep your health intact, we've got our top recommendations listed here.

  1. Immune support - we really like vitamins high in antioxidants that are easily absorbable. Our favorites are: OPC-3 Chewable, Isotonix Immune and Nature's Sunshine, MY-Immune Defense

  2. Stress reducing items such as Nature's Sunshine Stress-J (liquid) or Ashwaghanda

  3. Sleep supporting items are very important to retaining a healthy body. Our recommendations include: Turn Down, Magnesium or 5-HTP

  4. Since we now know that about 80% of our immune system is housed in the gut, taking care of our gut is VERY important. A few of our go-to solutions are: digestive enzymes , Aloe and Liquid Chlorophyll

  5. Brain health is also a VERY important component of the human being and we love to use supplements AND oils here! Nature's Sunshine Focus Attention, Young Living's Brain Power, Clarity or En-R-Gee and good fats!

  6. Proper hydration and eating the rainbow in produce are good tips to stay healthy also!

Need more information? We'd love to help create a custom program just for you!

In health, Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist


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