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Mineral of the Week: Calcium

Calcium can also be thought of as the 'knitter' mineral. This mineral is alkaline and positively charged. Adults need about 1,000-1,500 mg of calcium per day, for optimal health. But, be careful as we need TWICE that amount in Magnesium, so the calcium can do it's job.

Sugar and calcium bind together so people who consume a diet high in sugar often see a leakage of calcium. Lysine, the amino acid, is necessary for calcium absorption right alongside magnesium. Other than the bones, which have a higher concentration of calcium, the body is mostly unable to store this mineral for future use.

If a person has too little calcium, or the body is unable to use the calcium present, people may complain of:

  • congested ears

  • raw or scratchy throat

  • asthma

  • hemorrhoids

  • ulcers

  • cracked skin, especially on the hands

  • hypertension

  • anemia

  • wrinkled skin, rosacea, acne, psoriasis

  • cognitive impairment

  • insomnia

  • hoarse voice

  • itchy eyelids

Great food sources of calcium are:

  • kale

  • spinach

  • cranberries

  • beet greens

  • chard

  • cocoa

  • soybeans

  • rhubarb

  • melons

How does your calcium look & feel? Want more information? We're ready to help you along on your journey!

In health, Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist

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