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Boost your healing with Jillian

Hi! I am an intuitive energy healer, who works with different aspects of your being - connecting with your spirit guides and as well as angels and spirit/ God. I employ Reiki energy healing, tapping into soul evolution for a higher consciousness, Christ consciousness. I work with belief systems, patterns, core issues and energetic blocks. Working on all levels physical, mental, emotional, spirituality. During sessions, my clients connect with all aspects of the human being and often discover what they are not getting that they need on all these levels. This allows for self discovery and self love; growth on all levels. 


First time healing encourages a client to connect to all aspects of self, setting the stage for deeper healing in the future.  I collect information on blockages, channel advice, complete an energy reading and clearing, and balance and cleanse the chakras. 

I also work with inner child healing. This entails 

working with core beliefs that started from age 7. I assist in identifying what beliefs are limiting the person, holding them back from true potential, and dream life. We disprove and re-write false limiting beliefs. I'm trained in womb healing, ancestral healing, Trauma release, Integration healing, Forgiveness. 

My clients can experience stress, release, worry, sense of calm, and a release.  All client needs to do is surrender over and keep an open mind and heart. During the healing they will be asked to communicate with all aspects of themselves. Learning to trust one self and self love, learning to tune into themselves. 


A first time healing may include various types of intuitive healing. 

Jillian Morton


I work with my clients to get to the root of trauma, clearing this from childhood into adulthood. We work on all planes of healing for lasting success.

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