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Unlock Your Potential
with Amanda Bica



I am from Commerce, MI and I've spent much of my career in the healthcare industry. I was stymied by the masking of energy that prescription drugs do to the human body.  This is what led me seek out alternate forms of healing.


I believe that people can unlock their healing potential. One way to do this is to rearrange your energy through the art/science of Reiki. I've seen Reiki work consistently on my friends, family and clients. 


In order for any healing to occur, we must "Embrace Change and the Emotional Tides That May Occur". As humans, we thrive off of routine and consistency. It comforts us, even if what is consistently occurring is not good for our health, or in the best interests of our lives, overall. However, the one thing we must realize is that stagnation is not healthy. And to move through obstacles and illness, change is not only important, it is highly necessary.


Find out how Reiki can unlock your potential by booking an appointment today!

Amanda Bica


It is my mission to empower you, not simply to live life but, to live life to its fullest....

I am here to guide and support you on your path.

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