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Do you struggle with lack of focus, brain fog, inability to concentrate or keep attentive while playing golf? Do you find yourself distracted, and unable to slow your brain down so you can relax? The Golfer’s EDGE App has been designed to alleviate these imbalances by supporting and balancing brain and nervous system function, and is best used in a one person sport scenario, consider also for surfing, billiards, chess or kayaking.


Use in conjunction with: Bio Energy Patches that can be used in conjunction with and to boost the effectiveness of Golfer’s EDGE Patches are: All Patches.


Tips: Use the Golfer’s EDGE App when experiencing: Lack of Focus, and/or impaired physical capabilities. Lowered Concentration & Attention, ADD/ADHD Symptoms, Brain Won’t Slow Down, excessive stress and anxiety.

Golfer's Focus

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