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Zodiac as a healing tool?

Before you get all mad at me for this......let's take a step back and review this from a logical, and scientific point of view. We KNOW that tulips grow in the spring, berries in the summer and squash/pumpkin in the fall. One of the reasons behind this is that the sun magnetizes different minerals in the ground based on the angle.

Humans have survived for CENTURIES. A contributing factor was their ability to make correlations between the stars and the seasons. The Earth rotates in such a way that our night sky looks different depending on the season. This helped our ancestors determine when to plant, when to harvest. When to prepare for winter and when to rejoice in spring time. Zodiac is completely separate from religion and can be a helpful tool related to our health - if we just give it a chance.

A German Doctor, Wilhelm Schuessler, realized the human body has 12 main minerals or mineral combinations that influence our health. These were later written about in the book 'The 12 Tissue Remedies'. These 'cell salts' were integral components of the body and our ability to reach optimal health.

Throughout the research, the zodiac component of our proper amount of cell salts was discovered. Let me explain....As humans, we're typically gestating for about 9 months. During this time, we're getting all of our vitamins and minerals from our mom, who is presumably out and about - provided she's not on bed rest. Once we're born, it is normal for mom and baby to spend some time home/inside - getting connected, fueling back up, etc.

Each zodiac sign has a mineral associated with it, depending on the angle of the sun. Taking into consideration that we may be inside for a few months after birth (especially us winter babies), we also want to look at the cell salts of the 2 sun signs after our own - that gives us 3 to review.

Going a step further, we can take into account where our parents may have be deficient, if we have their birth month / day. Collecting all those pieces of information then becomes a counting adventure. We count up how many times calcium or phosphorous or sodium popped up for us. Once we have that information, we can review the deficiency symptoms of that cell salt and if applicable, add that salt to our routine.

Pisces, for example, is Ferr Phos or Iron Phosphate. People deficient in this mineral or cell salt usually complain of: Anemia; all cases of inflammation or congestion; injuries; hemmorrhages; dull, throbbing headaches; insomnia; sore throat; lumbago (low back pain); heart palpitations; emotional disturbances; colds, chills, fevers; rheumatism; fractures, cuts, sprains, bruises; depression; listlessness; all cases of sickness.

When this fits the complaint of a person, it is very easy to utilize cell salts to assist with the remedy. Looking at someone's cell salt profile is one of the first things I do in my consultations because they work quickly and efficiently, they're cost effective and they don't counteract medications.

If you're looking for more information or a quick rundown of your profile, we can do this via email or phone for only $15. I just need the 3 dates of birth to come up with the possible solution. Looking to the starts isn't a religion - it's science and why humans have survived....

Questions? I'd love to chat! 248.891.7712;

In health, Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist

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