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What you're craving means something

How often do you realize you HAVE to have some type of food? Sugar, sweet, salty? Something inside you MUST HAVE IT NOW! Like a little gremlin controlling you from the inside.

Well, I have good news! Often, these cravings tell us where we may be deficient - nutrient-wise. Adding that nutrient can help those pesky cravings go away. So, here are the top 9 most common cravings and what they may be saying to you. (Of course, we have TONS of tools if these aren't your cup of tea.)

  1. Salt - this can mean you're dehydrated (drink some water, maybe add some pink himalayan salt to it to create an electrolyte drink), Choliride deficiency or even stress. Take a breather and ground yourself for 5-30 minutes. If you can't get your bare feet into Earth, an epsom salt foot bath can help.

  2. Chocolate - if you're craving chocolate, you may need to boost your Vitamin B, Chromium or Magnesium. Try a dark chocolate, leafy green of vitamin to offset these cravings.

  3. Carbohydrates - this could be an energy deficiency. Try some healthy fats to move you along and boost your energy levels.

  4. Vinegar - your stomach acid levels may be off. Try some apple cider vinegar or pineapple to see if that soothes your cravings.

  5. Cheese - perhaps look to Omega-3 Fatty acids and calcium rich items like leafy greens and legumes.

  6. Coffee -Sodium, sulphur, phosphorus and iron deficiencies can lead to coffee cravings. Boost your garlic, kale, beans and lentils to manage these cravings.

  7. Fruit - this can point to low blood sugar, dehydration or hormone imbalances. Make sure you're drinking enough quality water and ingesting healthy sugars. Bananas are great for both fast and slow acting insulin release.

  8. Alcohol - cravings for alcohol can point to a deficiency in protein, calcium, potassium and glutamine. Try bone broth, beans, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and black olives for some relief.

  9. Sugar - You could be lacking protein, sulphur, tryptophan, chromium or phosphorus. Try cinnamon, grapes, apples, cranberries, pumpkin seeds or legumes to offset these cravings.

Eating nutrient rich, well-balanced, locally sourced meals can help us stave off cravings and be healthier - one meal at a time. Happy eating!

Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist

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