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Spring Cleaning? Don't forget about the Liver

Aaaah, the sun is shining, spring is here and many of us are doing our SPRING CLEANING!

Let's remember that while we're cleaning our homes, our body could use some cleaning too. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (TCM), spring is the season of the Liver, and also the Gallbladder.

Anatomically, the liver is part of the digestive system, and is responsible for assisting in the removal of toxins, protein synthesis and production of digestive chemicals. The liver is our largest internal detox organ (our skin is the largest detox organ).

Emotionally, the liver is related to anger. When we're not able to express our anger, this emotion can settle in the liver and create unhealthy imbalances.

Each organ repairs itself in a 2 hour time period, within our 24 hour day. The liver works on itself from the hours of 1:00 - 3:00 a.m. Most humans are typically asleep during this time, which allows our body to release toxins are released from the body. If you often find yourself waking up during this time, you could have too much yang energy or problems with your liver or detoxification pathways. This is also the time of anger, frustration and rage.

Top 6 ways to boost the liver:

  1. Liver/gallbladder cleanse

  2. Everything yellow - dandelion root tea, lemons, pineapples, etc.

  3. Process your anger

  4. Reduce your intake of alcohol, sugar and illicit drugs

  5. Eat more fruits/veggies, nuts

  6. Movement

Clean eating is a great way to boost the liver, gallbladder and digestive system as a whole. Not sure what to spend the money on and what not to? Check out for tips and tricks on organic produce versus conventional.

In health,

The Wellness Team

Harmony Healing, LLC


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