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Love yourself more in 2022

We tell our kids to not be bullies, and not tolerate bullies and yet we are the worst offenders - to ourselves. We look in the mirror and we criticize ourselves. We make mistakes and we call ourselves names. We often use self-depracating humor to mask discomfort or change the subject.

What if, instead of being our own worst critic, we became our own best friend and biggest supporter? What if we showed ourselves the love, patience and kindness we show our loved ones when they're struggling? What if we changed the narrative and LOVED OURSELVES - completely, wholly and without restrictions?

Not sure how? Here are my top favorite ways to begin the process of self love:

  1. Go get yourself a hearty houseplant (I like snake plants, rubber plants, succulents, aloe and spider plants). Name it after yourself. EVERYDAY tell it how beautiful it is, how great it is doing and how much you love it. "Oh Gloria, you beautiful thing. You're doing so great - thriving in the sunlight! Bringing such wonderful

energy and air to this space." etc.,

2. Write down the things you dislike about yourself. Really get it out there. Make a list of all the names you call yourself or all the ways you feel you can do better. Take a few days, if you need to. Once that's done - BURN IT! Seriously. (Safely). Let that $hit go. (See my other post on letting stuff go if you need help here.)

3. Choose one part of yourself to focus on loving each week. Write it down on a piece of paper and every day focus on that. Ex. Love how strong your legs are - they're able to carry you wherever you need to go. Your crooked tooth gives you a disarming and adorable smile. Your laugh brings joy to those around you. Be creative. Take those disliked parts of you and re-write the story so they're the loved parts of you.

4. Nourish yourself. Just like a plant, we need proper sunlight, water, nutrients and rest. Acknowledge where you may be lacking and boost those areas. Turn off your screens earlier in the evening or get a sleep mask to encourage better sleep. Trade in a caffienated beverage a day for a hydrating glass of water. Move your body! Too busy? Do squats every time you have to go to the bathroom and leglifts when you're cooking. Eat more from nature and less from boxes.

5. Write yourself a letter. A kind, loving, compassionate letter. Give it to someone else to mail to you at an unkown time in the future. Some message or statement that will bring a smile to your future self.

6. Find your passion. Not sure what you're passionate about? Try new classes; explore more; write, draw, create; sing, paint, dance.

Life isn't a spectator sport. It's meant to be LIVED. We're here to THRIVE, not jus SURVIVE.

You are worth it. I promise. Love you - Gloria

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