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Do colors affect your mood?

First of - yes. Yes, they do. Science has proven this over and over again. Want to see an angry kid? Paint their room in red and wait a bit and you'll see someone who experiences anger, frustration and rage. Conversely, red can represent romance, love and affection. Color psychology has been around since 1666!

Some of this depends on the situation, some on the culture. Colors that cross cultural boundaries on what they 'feel' include:

  • Red, Yellow & Orange are often associated with 'high' emotions - love, anger, passion and happiness and are considered 'warm' colors.

  • Blue, Green and Purple are linked to calming and healing or sadness and indifference and are 'cool' colors.

Colors impact our decisions, our food choices, our daily lives in so many ways. We see red sign while driving and it's related to stop or urgent. Green is go. Many fast food restaurants have red or orange in their logos as this can be associated with hunger.

People's clothing choices impact how we view them. Black can be seen as power, strength or even authority. Brighter colors like Orange, Yellow, Green are more welcoming and spirit lifting.

Studies show that when you're trying to remember things, writing them in blue ink helps cement them into our memory. A green room also helps us pick up on the positivity of things. Green helps us be more productive, positive and energetic. Red slows us down a bit. Eating on plates of different colors than our food helps us moderate our portions better. And eating a variety of food colors (not skittles) typically helps us get a more rounded nutrition in our diet and helps picky eaters eat more. Feng Shui (sacred space arrangement) also talks about the colors in our space. Pink/Red colors symbolize relationships; yellow is for health; purple for wealth and abundance. Adding these colors to your rooms in even accent pieces or art can help us promote balance within the home. As you look around your space, your wardrobe, your home and business - what colors are you seeing more of? What do they 'feel' like to you?

Creating your life, building your dreams, achieving your goals - all of these can be impacted by the colors we surround ourselves with.

For more information on how colors can be used for your health, wealth and lives, we'd love to help!

In Health, Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist

Harmony Healing, LLC


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