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Are you vitamin deficient?

Top 9 Vitamins/Minerals Americans are deficient in:

1. Vitamin D

2. Folic Acid

3. Vitamin B6

4. Vitamin B12

5. Iron

6. Iodine

7. Magnesium

8. Calcium

9. Essential Fatty Acids

How did we get here? Well, our food source isn't what it used to be - from pesticides and herbicides to fertilizers and irradiated foods, we just aren't getting the nutrients like we used to. Pharmaceuticals also play a role - almost every drug depletes some natural resources, which we aren't often replenishing. We can even have a genetic imbalance in our pathways which makes it harder to uptake nutrients. Add on top of that gut imbalances and we're a perfect storm of imbalances. At Harmony Healing, we help you find your 'balance' between modern medicine and traditional naturopathic remedies and solutions. Working with you to find out WHAT you're deficient in and WHY, we can custom create a program to boost your health so you can achieve lasting balance. Why not get started today?

We're here for you.


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