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Healing shouldn't be reserved for the wealthy. Combining nature and science is what we do best, at Harmony Healing, and energy work fits this model perfectly. What are you waiting for?

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Bioenergy Specialist Course
I invite you to revolutionize the way you think about your health and your innate ability to heal. Everything is energy....

This 9 Module Certificate Course Includes:

  • Muscle Response Testing

  • Chakra Energy Systems

  • Using color, sound and scent therapy

  • Re-routing the body's energy using light healing touch and the meridians 

  • Essential oil blending and usage 

  • Polarity and magnets

  • Flower essences and emotions of dis-ease

  • Crystals

  • Grounding, meditation and energetic release & protection techniques

Class Descriptions

Muscle Response Testing* (4 Hour)

  • Using the electromagnetic field of the body to determine the 'truth' of a situation, blockage or efficacy of a program.

  • *This is a prerequisite for most classes

  • Using Muscle Testing on yourself and others.

Chakra Energy Systems

  • Definition, science and truth of the Chakra system.

  • How to determine if a chakra is in or out of balance.

  • Options to bring the chakra back into balance.

Color, Sound, Scent Therapy

  • Body tuning using tuning forks and sound.

  • Colors & crystals as part of the therapy.

  • The first 7 energy fields of the body.

Meridians & Light Healing Touch

  • This class explores the electric lines running through the body.

  • A companion energy work modality adding in targeted energy work approaches.

  • Testing the meridians and energy for blockages.

Polarity & Magnets

  • Definition of polarity therapy - the body as a healing device.

  • Clearing the 'elements' of the body.

  • Eradicating limiting beleifs & programing.​

Emotional Components of Dis-ease & Flower Essences

  • Diving into the emotional components of dis-ease through Traditional Chinese Medicine, New German Medicine & the work of Louise Hay

  • Going back to Nature as helper and healer - usage, harvesting and application of Flower essences.

  • Floral acupuncture.


  • Back to basics - do they work? How do they work?

  • Top 30 crystals.

  • Crystals as healing helpers.

​Tools / Wrap Up (4 Hour)

  • Grounding yourself & your client.

  • Basics on meditation, tapping & smudging.

  • Moving Forward

Class Tools

  • Each class is 8 hours, unless otherwise noted.

  • Manual included in each class.

  • Recommended tools/books provided upon registration. 

  • Exam/Practical Included with each class. 

  • 'Lab' time available to practice.


Total Program Cost (Paid In Full): $1,500

8-Hour Class Fee (7): $249

4-Hour Class Fee (2): $129

BONUS BUSINESS BUILDING CLASS: $333 or $249 if paid with full class schedule.

Classes Begin: TBD

Classes can be taken on an individual basis. To earn the Certificate of Bioenergy Field Specialist, all classes must be taken.

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