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Winter is the season of the Kidneys/Bladder

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) relates the seasons to organs and the organs to emotions. Winter is the time of coldness, dampness. Our kidneys and bladder often need additional support in these colder months. Using food as medicine is as old as humanity, and TCM practitioners are no different. Ingesting warm soups and stews, root veggies and reducing our salt. Making sure we're properly hydrated is an important component in the healing process.

The kidneys are part of our elimination system and are best supported by exercising, proper nutrition, hydration, dry skin brushing, etc. Giving yourself time to urinate when the need strikes and not holding on to your waste is imperative also.

If you're struggling with kindey or bladder issues, there are several ways we can help you bring about balance: from nutrition to supplements, reflexology to detoxing foot baths, massage to meridian tracing - we've got you covered. Boost your body this winter!

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