Root Chakra

The symbol of the root chakra is a lotus with 4 petals.

Chakras, continued….of the 7 Main Chakras, today we will explore the root Chakra. The symbol of the root chakra is a lotus with 4 petals. The color is red. The element is the Earth. This chakra is located at the base of your spine and is thought to be the first chakra and is associated with the tribal power. The Root Chakra symbolizes family dynamics, feeling safe/provided for, primordial needs in general (food, money, goods, sex).

Some examples of imbalances in this chakra are: skeletal problems, intestinal disorders, reproductive issues.

Ways to pull this back in line are connecting with nature, grounding, celebration of things you love and make you feel safe, Reiki, Yoga, meditation. Red colors are also helpful in getting the chakra back in alignment.

Healing stones for would include red Jasper, Smoky quartz and hematite.

Good foods for the root chakra are root vegetables: carrots, potatoes, beets, onion, garlic; protein rich foods such as eggs, meats, peanut butter, etc; chives, paprika and pepper.

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