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Meditation Misunderstandings

Are you someone who struggles with meditation? Do you think you're doing it 'wrong'? Are you unable to find complete quiet in your mind, your life, your house? Well, I've got GREAT news for you!

Meditation is NOT synonomous with complete silence. Think about it - even nature isn't SILENT. There is wind rustling leaves, trees, the ground. Animals and insects are moving around, etc. Meditation is more about MINDFULNESS than silence.

Meditation is about focus. Maybe you're focusing on your breath, or your quiet, perhaps you are checking in with your body. Taking the time to 'check out' of the chaos of life is important. Starting with a few moments a day and building up is far easier than jumping in and expecting perfection.

Meditation Myths:

  1. You have to be seated in lotus position. Nah - how about you just be comfortable? But not so comfortable you fall asleep? If you're in pain or discomfort, that will be your prevailing thought - that defeats the purpose. Great news - you're not mummified when you begin the practice so if you are uncomfortable, just MOVE.

  2. It must be silent. Nope - some meditation is actually guided meditation. This helps you focus on something other than life. Taking your mind off a concern, problem or stress can often help you find a solution faster. You're allowing your mind to take a break. Also - some meditation is meant to boost specific 'notes' you may be missing so you can hum along with these! Humming works the Vagus nerve and that nerve does AMAZING things. (More on that in another post.)

  3. You have to be stationary. Nope again. Some people find it easier to get into a meditatives state while moving. Walking, bicycling, swimming, tai chi - these are all great options.

  4. You are incapable of meditating. C'mon, really? We're not talking about singing in the opera here. Give yourself space and grace to learn. We're not taught mindfulness here. Start slow - 1 minute. There are several free apps to help you grow your meditation practice (Calm, Headspace).

  5. Meditation doesn't work. Science backs up the benefits of meditation time and time again. Meditating helps us feel calmer, improve focus, reduces the ping ponging thoughts in our brains, releases anxiety, helps us address and understand our pain, and connect to others (and ourselves) better.

Why not give it a go? Check out a few ways to meditate and see what you like. Add some oils or incense; sound or silence; blankets and pillows or yoga blocks; start with tapping your thymus or eyebrows. There's really no wrong way to do it - if you're getting benefit from it. What have you got to lose?

In health,

Gloria Jensenius

Natural Scientist

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